Roma Devanbu



Making Ideas Visible

For me, painting is the process of making ideas visible through the manipulation of physical materials.  I love the challenge of discovering the best way to paint a belief or to draw a concept as much as I love using light and shadow to reveal muscle and bone beneath flesh.

I often integrate contrasting styles and visual elements within one piece, or while exploring an idea in a series, because I am fascinated by the relationships between the many and varied levels on which we see and experience the world.

In a fundamental way, my paintings are all about the interaction and integration of the different layers of our experience. We move most often in a physical reality. But we have dreams, memories, aspirations and fears which can transport us instantly through time and space.  We are sensual, emotional and spiritual beings.  We can inhabit realms of creativity and logic. There may be spheres that exist and influence us of which we are unaware; that of ghosts, prayer, gravity, and/or  time.  With or without our attention, and despite their inherent contradictions, these layers of experience exist simultaneously, intersect and overlap.

The desire to reveal the complex poetry within our common experience is what drives me to paint. The result I hope for is work that affirms and celebrates the mystery and majesty just below the surface of our ordinary lives. 

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